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Pawzitive Vibez is a holistic mobile dog grooming company that specializes in skin and coat care. We embrace individual personalities and treat each pet with compassion and kindness that supports their mental and emotional well-being. Your pet deserves quality care and it's our job to do just that!

Master Pet Esthetician

Skin & Coat Specialist

Pawzitive Vibez Mobile Dog Grooming is the premier Master Pet Esthetician in the DFW area, specializing in providing a safe and comfortable environment for your pet’s skin health needs. We are dedicated to providing the best care for your furry family member. 

We are committed to using the latest techniques and technologies to ensure that your pet’s skin and coat are healthy and free from disease. We understand the importance of keeping your pet’s skin healthy and will work with you to ensure your pet’s skin is kept in optimal condition.

Does your pet suffer from the following:

yeasty dog skin

Yeasty Skin/ Dermatitis

Fungal Infection
itchy dog skin

Dry/Itchy Skin

Bacterial Infection
hair loss in dogs

Hair Loss


If your pet has any of the following, to name a few:

Diabetes |
High Testosterone  |
Demodectic Mange  |
Other Symptoms Include, but are not limited to:
Oily Hair  |
Seborrhea  |
Hot Spots  |
Patchy Hair  |
Strong Odor  |
Rash  |


Our therapy sessions are designed for a minimum 4 weekly bath sessions (depending on severity) in order to ensure your pup's coat is healthy and looking its best.
Therapy Process
dog safe essential oils and masks
dog in the bath
dog at the spa

 Therapy Session for Itchy/Flaky Skin

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